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Sangrovit® WS

Water soluble natural feed additive produced by German company Phytobiotics. It contains acids and active ingredients derived from plant extracts obtained by means of special patented process. Its efficiency was proven by many scientific researches. Sangrovit® WS combined with antibiotics leads to fast healing of animal. It reduces costs of feeding due to improvement of nutrients absorption. Sangrovit WS influence animal well-being and health. It is universal and can be administered, if needed, immediately to drinking water or in the final phases of fattening, where antibiotics cannot be used. Withdrawal period is not required.

The extract from the plant Macleaya cordata mixed with dehydrated forage from this plant.
Active substance – alkaloid Sanguinarine 1,5%, bitter substances. 
it is recommended to dilute product in hot water – temp. about 25 – 30oC

Animal species

Administration period

g/1000 L of water
Starter 5 – 7 days 50
Fattening period
5 – 7 days 100
Finisher (as protection) 5 – 10 days 50
Young layers rearing 100
Beginning of the laying period about 3 weeks 100
Laying period   100
Starter 5 - 7 days  100
Grower 5 - 7 days 100
Finisher 5 - 7 days 50
Finisher last 3 days 
prior slaughter 
Geese and ducks    
Rearing period 5 – 10 days 50
Fattening period 5 – 10 days 100

12 months, store in original pack

PACKAGING: 1 kg sachet

Animal species