adiCox® AP – better performance.


Ingredients in adiCox® AP act selectively in digestive tract: INCREASE appetite and secretion of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes and DECREASE mortality.

adiCox® AP  is an example of a preparation with a broad spectrum of actions. When fed to animals, it clearly exerts immunostimulatory and adaptogenic properties, normalizes digestion, improves the animals mood, changes the pace and nature of metabolism, increases appetite and productivity. Addition of adiCox® AP in feed is adding compounds with nature-like origin and features. To ensure proper growth and development, animals need a varied offer of feedstuffs, enriched with herbs. Adding adiCox® AP can guarantee that. Most commercial feed is quite “monotonous”, made of genetically modified plants, devoid of the natural group of plants and herbs, from pastures and meadows. Therefore the animal’s growth is slower, often impaired, and the phenomenon of immuno-suppression is regularly present, resulting in a reduction of the organism’s resistance to disease.

Animals fed only on industrial feeds, often show lower production parameters, suffer from a number of diseases of the digestive and respiratory tract and have disturbed mobility and ailments of locomotor system. Not only their natural resistance to infection, but also fertility and reproduction are lowered. In such cases, the administration of various medicines (such as antibiotics), synthetic growth promottants and coccidiostatics becomes necessary. The products derived from these animals are characterized by low and incorrect nutritional value (e.g. wrong correlation of nutrients) and lack of health-related properties for humans.

Poor nutritional value of the feeds, lack of stimulation of the secretory and peristaltic activity of the gastrointestinal tract leads to atonia, frequent indigestions, inflammations, diarrhoea and malabsorption of nutrients. Microdamages of the epithelium enable invasion of pathogenic bacteria and protozoa. Nowadays, it is a very common physiological disorder occurring in intensively fed farm animals, fed solely on commercial feeds. As a result, their body weight gain and growth are disturbed and performance impaired. It has commonly and long been known that all these problems can be prevented thanks to herbs, which have always been eaten instinctively by animals. Therefore, proper feeds should be characterized by the presence of herbs, which do not only have odour and flavour enhancing properties, but also increase the animal’s appetite.

Under the conditions of industrial feed production, the substances which are responsible for more attractive odour and flavour, as well as appetite enhancement may be herbal specialties. Animals, (e.g. pigs) respond vigorously to this type of additives, especially because they have more sensitive taste and smell receptors. When fed in natural environment, they take advantage of the abundance of various herbs growing in meadows and pastures. Thanks to them, the glands in their mucosa are stimulated for secretion of juices (enzymes, gastric acid, digestive tract hormones). Thus, the digestion process is faster, the animals feel hungry and eat more.

Already in 2013, the study was carried out on 480 Hubbard Flex chickens that were kept until 42 days of age and 480 Hubbard JA 957 chickens reared until the 63rd day of life (in a closed building on the litter) showed that the use of plant coccidiostatic significantly reduces the mortality of chickens, with comparable other production effects (Łukasiewicz M., Michalczuk M., Niemiec J., Pietrzak D., Mroczek J. Impact of selected feed supplements used in the prophylaxis of coccidiosis on the histological profile and physicochemical parameters of pectoral muscles in fast-growing and slow-growing chicken broilers)

Adifeed adicox AP

Therefore, the AdiFeed adiCox® AP developed by the company Adifeed is increasingly used in the feed industry. adiCox® AP is a mixture of micronized plant extracts, which have been blended with liquid extracts, essential oils and carefully selected phytoncide fractions. Therefore, this specialty contains selected phytoncides (including phytoalexins) which inhibit the growth of bacteria and protozoa. It is a herbal product, thanks to which during breeding we obtain not only healthy birds, but also increase their weight by about 1.4 kg / m2 with a simultaneous decrease in their mortality by about 1.2%, which has a huge impact on production results – the breeder’s profit.

Ingredients in adiCox® AP act selectively in digestive tract: INCREASE appetite and secretion of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes and DECREASE mortality. Do you want to know more? Please contact us.

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