adiCox® AP recipe for the health


adiCox® AP is a concentrated powder mixture of natural ingredients containing phytoncides. Product is based on the innovative composition of micronized herbs (which is~95% of the product), deposited on the lipid substrate, which guarantees the stability of phytonutrients, and also slow and gradual releases of plant phytoncides in the individual sections of the digestive tract.

Therefore, this specialty contains selected phytoncides (including phytoalexins) which inhibit the growth of bacteria and protozoa). Iron ensures additional oligodynamic effect, consisting of the disturbance of the polarity of the microorganisms’ cells and interfering with the activities of the membrane ion pumps. Higher fatty acids bind lipophilic components and lower the boiling point of oil fractions, thus making the formulation stable when heating to a temperaturę of 100°C (which is~5% of the product). Since the beginning of the development of the specialty product, particular attention has been paid to the micronization process of the ingredients. Micronization is aprocess of rushing plant materials in order to break the walls of the cells and resinous canals and to release all the active elements in the digestive tract. Gradual release of the active elements is provided by other supportive ingredients (excipients), as the content of the digestive tract (chyme) is moving down. This specialty product is mixed during its production process in a precisely determined and specific way, to ensure the best reactions of particular phytoncides and binding them to other supporting (excipients) and stabilizing substances.

adiCox® AP enhances the body’s resistance to infections, by stimulating phagocytosis, increasing the number of lymphocytes B and T and activating macrophages and the NK lymphocytes (natural killers). Furthermore, it suppresses inflammations in the digestive and respiratory tracts and stimulates regeneration of epithelial tissue. Mainly Tγδlymphocytes are stimulated, as they closely cooperate with the epithelium of the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract and the epidermis. When epithelium gets damaged, e.g. during an infection, it produces specific receptors – shock proteins. Lymphocytes T bind to these receptors, which remove the ill and abnormal cells and produce cytokines.

Cytokines accelerate the healing process of the epithelium, damaged by pathogenic microorganisms and food particles. Lymphoid tissue is stimulated by adiCox® AP and ensures the destruction of pathogens cells (of especial relevance here: phagocytosis, lymphokines and interleukin).

Bitter plant compounds, terpenes and phenolic acids present in adiCox® AP stimulate the secretion of gastrointestinal juices (rich in endogenic enzymes). As a result, an improved digestion of feed, absorption of nutrients and higher weight gains and improved performances are obtained.

The studies on antibacterial and antifungal properties of adiCox® AP were carried out in the Microbiology Institute at the A. Mickiewicz University in Poznan, supervised by profesor A. Kaznowski. Evidence was obtained that adiCox® AP at the concentration of 0,1 – 0,15 % had a bactericidal (germicidal) activity, whereas at lower concentrations it acts bacteriostatic. The higher the dose, the more pronounced bacteriostatic effect was observed. Nevertheless, overdosing adiCox® AP led to dysbacteriosis – killing off all the bacteria, fungi and protozoa present in the digestive tract.

adiCox® AP – when fed to animals, it clearly exerts immunostimulatory and adaptogenic properties, normalizes digestion, improves the animals mood, changes the pace and nature of metabolism, increases appetite and productivity. Addition of adiCox® AP in feed is adding compounds with nature-like origin and features. To ensure proper growth and development, animals need a varied offer of feedstuffs, enriched with herbs.

Animals fed only on industrial feeds, often show lower production parameters, suffer from a number of diseases of the digestive and respiratory tract and have disturbed mobility and ailments of locomotor system. Not only their natural resistance to infection, but also fertility and reproduction are lowered. In such cases, the administration of various medicines (such as antibiotics), synthetic growth promottants and coccidiostatics becomes necessary. The products derived from these animals are characterized by low and incorrect nutritional value (e.g. wrong correlation of nutrients) and lack of health-related properties for humans. The drugs accumulated in the animal tissues unnecessarily contaminate the whole food chain and as a result the human body.

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