AdiFeed – Co-organizer of the EKOPLON FORUM


On November 21- 22nd, 2017 in Zawiercie the BROILER FARMERS’ FORUM was organized by EKOPLON and AdiFeed. During the seminar numerous attendees were presented with innovative solutions in broiler feeding.

The key point of the Forum, apart from lectures of EKOPLON representatives on the new nutrition programs, was the speech of dr. Witold Nowak, President of the Board in AdiFeed, devoted to EUBIOTICS. EUBIOTICS, combining the properties of PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS and PHYTOBIOTICS – as the speaker emphasized – is the future of the poultry industry! They are a very effective and comprehensive solution in the age of limiting the use of antibiotics and coccidiostats.

Forum participants enthusiastically absorbed all the practical information conveyed during the event. A lively discussion accompanied not only a session, but also meetings in the lobby, during which many important business and partner relationships were established. There were also many opportunities for commemorative photos on the red carpet.