AdiFeed – Partner of BLATTIN’S Conference


On 19-23rd of February the XVIII NATIONAL CONFERENCE was held, dedicated to the topic of INCREASE OF PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY IN DAIRY HERDS. The conference, organized in 5 centers (Rawicz, Opole, Inowrocław, Łomża, Włoszczowa) by Blattin Polska, together with the partner – Adifeed, attracted crowds of cattle breeders and dairy producers from all over Poland who wanted to learn the effective methods of improving the reproduction and milk yield in dairy herds.

The invited guests listened with interest to the lectures of 3 outstanding experts: Krzysztof Białoń, PhD Eng., Director of the Department of Cattle and Pigs in AdiFeed, prof. Zygmunt Maciej Kowalski, PhD hab. Eng., from the University of Agriculture in Krakow, and William Woodley (Canada) – an authority on “unlocking the potential” in dairy herds.

Krzysztof Białoń, PhD Eng., discussed the issues related to the positive influence of probiotics and herbs on efficiency of milk production. He also emphasized the need to prevent inflammation, which results in a significant deterioration of animals’ performance.

Impairments in the dairy cattle reproduction, resulting from nutritional errors, were the subject of a lecture by prof. Zygmunt Maciej Kowalski, PhD hab. Eng., who drew attention to their impact on low milk yield and a smaller number of calves.

William Woodley encouraged all the participants to improve the economics of milk production. The speaker emphasized the influence of heat stress on premature fawning, resulting in low birth weight of calves and lower concentration of immunoglobulins in the blood serum. The expert also recommended increasing the number of milkings from two to three times, which – in his opinion – ensures 8-15% higher milk production.

The conference was met with enthusiasm of the participants. It also provided an opportunity to exchange experiences and establish valuable business contacts.