Antibiotics in poultry raising – are still current


These are not good informations! Breeders still widely use antibiotics in raising of poultry.

As shown in the article posted in “Hodowca Drobiu” Antibiotics in raising of poultry are a very common occurence (written by S.Wężyk, R.Gilewski). Prohibition on the use of antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) couldn’t prevent it. In addition, over the years the number of deaths caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria infection has been even higher. It is estimated that by 2050 the number of fatalities that occur as a result of growing anibiotic-resistance bacteria will reach 10 milion.

The remedy for a total prohibition of antibiotic growth promoters in Europe are specialised phytogenics preparations which improve tha health of animals and also ensure production profits. “This fact suggests to introduce legislation in this area all over the world or a complete ban on the use of AGP.

Source: Antybiotyki w chowie drobiu ciągle aktualne, Hodowca Drobiu s.10, 10.09.2019