ISAH 2019


The 19th congress of the International Society for Animal Hygiene was held at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław. Scientists from around the world discussed issues in the field of health, hygiene and animal welfare, food safety of animal origin, and environmental protection and sustainable animal production. AdiFeed® and Lallemand became the Platinum Sponsor of the event.

During the congress there were sessions and lectures attended by about 500 participants. During the session, epizootic threats in the world and the principles of biosecurity and animal welfare in the elimination of infectious diseases were discussed.

On the third day of the conference, Dr. Paulina Abramowicz-Pindor, Director of the Implementation Department of AdiFeed®, gave a presentation on “The impact of antibiotics on the production results of birds and the use of chemotherapeutic agents in large-scale broiler chicken farming”. The event abounded in numerous lectures and discussion panels met the expectations of all its participants.

The report from the Congress is available on the company profile on LinkedIn.