QS & FAMI-QS certification


We are pleased to announce that AdiFeed® Sp. z o.o. has renewed QS and FAMI-QS quality certificates, which confirmed the implementation of the concept of a safe food chain in the company.

The QS system is the only European system that ensures safety in farm-to-table chain. It is unique system in Europe and it has been a byword for thorough inspections and clear labelling of food. This system applies to feed producers, livestock farmers, slaughterhouses, meat processing plants, transport and commercial enterprises and covers all stages of food production. A company participating in the system must meet stringent conditions in the field of production, distribution and safety standards for manufactured products.

The FAMI-QS ensures feed safety, legality and quality. It based on the European animal feed Regulation and covers both quality & feed safety management systems, product regulatory compliance. The FAMI-QS standard is based on on the requirements of Regulation No. 183/2005, it contains the requirements of the HACCP system.