“Quo Vadis Zootechnics”


Adifeed® was the patron of the 1st Congress of Polish Zootechnics.

On 21st-22nd of June the 1st Congress of Polish Zootechnics was organized by Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

The aim of the Congress was the professional perspectives of the zootechnics and the current status of the profession in economic and social changes.

The subject of the Congress concerned competences, limitations and rights in the profession of zootechnics. During the lectures, sensitive topics were discussed regarding the welfare of farm animals, breeding fur animals and ritual slaughter.

AdiFeed® as a provider of innovative eubiotics products improving the health of the herd, had the pleasure to become a strategic sponsor of the event.

“These kinds of substantive meetings are extremely important for maintaining the rank of the zootechnics profession. Emphasizing and showing the professional perspectives of animal husbandmen as experts in the animal production industry and the scientific community is extremely important in the modern world and I am sure that such meetings will bring irrefutable benefits to both humans and animals”– said during the discussion panel Ph.D. Witold Nowak, the President of Adifeed®.