HULA Hoop in Zakopane with AdiFeed!


On the last weekend of January, AdiFeed and WIPASZ organized a training for pigs farmers in Zakopane.

The main topic of the training was the question: How to improve the efficiency of pig production using probiotics and herbs? Krzysztof Białoń, PhD Eng., Director of the Department of Cattle and Pigs in AdiFeed, focused on the problems occurring in the peri-partum period of sows and in rearing piglets. He presented the mode of action of Levucell SB live yeast, having a positive impact on reducing the incidence of diarrhea in piglets and preventing constipation in sows. Maciej Janus, AdiFeed Nutrition Consultant, discussed the advantages of innovative phytogenic preparations, which are an alternative solution in the age of reducing the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry.

The chief attraction of the training was the participation of invited farmers in World Cup in ski jumping in Zakopane – watched live – which was accompanied by incredible atmosphere and great sports emotions. The farmers had the pleasure of meeting in person the great ski jumper and the Polish Champion – Stefan Hula, who has been performing outstandingly for 2 winter seasons in AdiFeed colours. Photos, autographs, handshakes and a dinner with Stefan, his wife Marcelina and a manager Ewa Bilan-Stoch will remain – no doubt – for a long time in a friendly memory of all of the participants.