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adiCoxSOL® RF

 STOP diarrhoea

adiCoxSOL® RF for calves and small ruminants is a concentrated blend of natural ingredients rich in phytocides. These support the animals’ immune system, enhancing its defense against bacterial and protozoal infections. The formula ensures biological balance and the proper functioning of the digestive system during and after exposure to pathogens.

Ingredients of adiCoxSOL® RF :
  • LIMIT the risk of protozoan infections
  • STABILIZE epithelial cell membranes
  • STIMULATE natural immunity
  • IMPROVE gut health

Administration method:
In drinking water as directed by a veterinarian

Packaging: 900 ml bottle


Some of the herbal ingredients

Black pepper

 Piper nigrum L.


Acorus calamus L.

Common soapwort

Saponaria officinalis L.

White mustard

Sinapis alba L.

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