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adiVigoSOL® PF

Stay Cool, Avoid Heat Stress


adiVigoSOL® PF is a set of plant extracts, that restores the water-electrolyte and acid-base balance. The product ensures the maintenance of homeostasis, which is the internal balance of life processes and physicochemical parameters of the organism, supporting high productivity of animals.

Ingredients of adiVigoSOL® PF:
  • PROTECT against dehydration and loss of electrolytes
  • RESTORE proper water-electrolyte and acid-base balance
  • STIMULATE appetite and water intake
  • PURIFY the kidneys and ureters from deposits and harmful microorganisms


Administration method:
In drinking water as directed by a veterinarian

Packaging : 5 L canisters, IBC 500 L, IBC 1000 L

Ochrona przed upałem, że kura nie siada

Some of the herbal ingredients


Glycyrrhiza glabra L. 


Mentha piperita L.

Black radish

Raphanus sativus varium niger L.

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