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adiSalmoSOL® PF

Fight bacterial infections naturally


adiSalmoSOL® PF is a set of natural ingredients containing phytoalexins and essential oils, organic acids and mineral salts. Flavonoids and polyphenols support the secretory and absorption functions of the digestive system.

Ingredients of adiSalmoSOL® PF:
  • LIMIT the risk of bacterial infections
  • SUPPORT the proper functioning of the respiratory system
  • STRENGTHEN natural immunity
  • INCREASE the effectiveness of vaccines


Administration method:
In drinking water as directed by a veterinarian

Packaging: 5 L canisters, IBC 500 L, IBC 1000 L

Dla walczących z infekcjami bakteryjnymi

Some of the herbal ingredients

Summer savory

Satureja hortensis L.

Persian walnut

Juglans regia L.


Origanum vulgare L.

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