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 SUSTAINABLE  Development


A sustainable development is paramount for the well-being of our planet. At AdiFeed®, we understand that every step towards environmental and health conservation is not just our duty, but also an opportunity to carve a brighter future for the next generations. We take pride in announcing that our company is actively engaged in various initiatives aimed at achieving sustainable growth.

A cornerstone of our sustainable strategy is the safeguarding of antibiotic efficacy. We recognize that the overuse of antibiotics in animal production can lead to antibiotic resistance, jeopardizing human health. At AdiFeed®, our emphasis is on enhancing the health status of livestock, allowing us to reduce or even eliminate the need for antibiotics in animal production. In doing so, we ensure the longevity of medication efficacy, looking out for our future and that of subsequent generations.

Over the years, we’ve innovated nutritional solutions that bolster the immunity and welfare of animals whilst ensuring superior quality and efficiency. Thanks to our specialized feed additive formulas, livestock benefit from an augmented natural resistance and overall health. Our philosophy revolves around championing wholesome and balanced animal nutrition, which in turn fosters consumer health and environmental protection.


We feel a profound responsibility to grow our business sustainably, showing deep respect for all our partners, colleagues and the environment.


Drawing from phytogenic solutions, we’ve developed a range of products that boost production efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, care for animal welfare and, in doing so, provide sustainable solutions that impact the lives of future generations.

Another vital area of focus for us is our collaboration with Respect Energy, our electricity supplier. Through this partnership, our company exclusively uses electric power derived from renewable sources. This means our production is powered by clean energy, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to environmental protection.

At AdiFeed®, we believe our sustainable mission has a long-term impact on the livestock industry, consumers, and our planet. We strive for continuous improvement in our practices, innovation and collaboration to ensure the best outcomes for our clients, livestock, and the natural environment.

Join our sustainable movement and together, let’s shape a future where environmental protection,
animal health and food quality take center stage.

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