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For pigs – without antibiotics!

Unique composition of liquid herbal ingredients supporting gut and respiratory system health during pathogen infection. Plant bitters and essential oils foster digestive processes, increase the digestibility of feed and help stabilize intestinal microbiota.

Ingredients of BacteroSOL®:
  • HELP protect pigs against bacterial and protozoal infections
  • INCREASE feed intake
  • FOSTER processes of epithelial renewal
  • REDUCE the risk of gastric ulcers
  • STIMULATE natural immunity
  • DECREASE mortality


Administration method:
In drinking water as directed by a veterinarian

Packaging: 5 L canister, 500 L IBC, 1000 L IBC

Some of the herbal ingredients

Common ivy

Hedera helix L.

Summer savory

Satureja hortensis L.

Persian walnut

Juglans regia L.

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